October Saturday

On Saturday we went to the Provo Farmer’s Market in the early afternoon. The girls brought their purses and Lydia bought everyone honey sticks. The vendor thought that was so sweet and gave her extra because of that.

After the market, we stopped by to return Jessi’s blessing dress and visit with the Vandagriffs. We had a fun time talking with them.

After that visit, I dropped Abe off for a haircut while I took the kids grocery shopping and through a car wash. Abe’s barber butchered his hair. He was used to more ethnic hair types and said he had never seen anyone who did his hair the way Abe does. (Abe combs his hair forward. I think that’s pretty common, but what do I know about men’s hair.) Anyway, the barber kept asking Abe where Abe wanted him to snip, and Abe found that amusing because isn’t the barber supposed to know where to snip? The long and short (ha!) of it was that Abe came out strangely shorn, but he found the barber very endearing.

That evening after the kids were down I helped Abe edit a work project until 11pm, and then he stayed up even later re-editing the edits.