Nose bleed blame

Gosh, my children are so great but there are so many of them that I really don’t take time to appreciate them during the day. Mostly I think about how great they are after they are in bed and I can lie here and regret all of the unkind things I did during the day.

Lydia has such a pure, honest, completely guileless heart. She is also SO affectionate and loves to receive affection. Sadly, I rarely give her that affection and most of the time I am barking at her to quiet down or do this or stop that. (In my sort of defense, she is also really loud.)

Mary is over-the-top charming and has so many delightful mannerisms, and tonight I was really mean to her. I blamed her for getting a nose bleed. It happened this way: She was throwing a tantrum, I was crazed trying to get all four kids down, and I was yelling at her to stop crying because, I yelled, I couldn’t and wouldn’t care about her problem until she calmed down and told me what the matter was. She, of course, cried harder and ended up with a nose bleed.

At that point, Ammon was in bed crying and coughing –to the point of choking and gagging–because I hadn’t given him long enough “scratchies” (back scratches) to fall asleep, I was holding a wide-awake, hungry and quite-possibly-ill Clarissa, and I was sweating up feverish rivulets all up and down my body. (I have had a fever almost all day.)

So, instead of handling this situation calmly, I took one look at all the blood on the bed and Mary and freaked out. I yelled at Mary and then went to take care of Ammon before putting down Clarissa and returning back to Mary. When I got to the room, Lydia said, “I wish this had never happened. I know not to give myself nosebleeds, but Mary doesn’t have the same life experience as I do, so she just doesn’t know.”

At that point, I laughed and calmed down a little. It was so funny hearing Lydia refer to her “life experience.” I ended up washing all of the blood off, and I hope Mary has enough warmth from her cover to stay well through the night.

On a positive note, Ammon seems to be getting slightly better. He was well enough to only take a short nap, and he pooped twice as much as usual, so maybe he’s pooping out his sickness. I sure hope so.

On another positive note, during the solitary hour that he and Clarissa napped simultaneously, I managed to make a big dent in our book club novel. It’s a murder mystery called¬†Sister.¬†It’s surprisingly well written, though somewhat slow.

It was crazy hair day for Lydia today.
Clarissa taking her nap next to me. I’ve found if she doesn’t sleep next to me, her naps last about ten minutes.