Old blogs

Here’s a picture Nana took of a proud Mary who had just made her own bed.

On Thursday Ammon and Clarissa took an unexpectedly long nap. Even though I had barely slept the night before, I did not nap with them because I started going through old blogs.

Going through old blogs opened my eyes to a couple things. First of all, I have a great life! I wish I could go back in time and tell myself that, because it seems like in some blogs, I have trouble comprehending that.

Also, I feel so stupid for going to cooking school. I had such an incredible life and all I wanted to do was…go to cooking school?  I look back at those baby pictures of Lydia and Mary and wish I could just have another second with those two darling little girls.

Ironically, even though I feel stupid for going to cooking school, I wish I took more pictures of what we eat every day. I like being able to see the day’s work, and even if the food isn’t fancy, I want to see it. I’m going to try to take more pictures of food I make.

Finally, Thursday was a no good horrible very bad day, but looking through those blogs helped me think that maybe life wasn’t as bad as I thought.

Also, my mom was a huge help and did all of the driving Thursday so that Ammon and Clarissa could keep sleeping. Abe’s being gone was hard on her too. She helped so much that she got sick and lost her voice.

I was really happy for Thursday to be over.