Sunday at home

On Sunday I was looking forward to going to Abe’s lesson. He was teaching the combined RS and Priesthood about the #Lighttheworld program this year. Actually, he thought his counselor was going to teach it, but it ended up that at the last minute Abe discovered he was teaching most of it.

Anyway, by the time church was starting Clarissa was sound asleep and I was still bone tired, so I stayed home with Clarissa, intending to go to church when she woke up. Just as I was getting ready, Abe came home with Ammon, who was coughing up a storm. He didn’t feel comfortable taking Ammon to nursery with his hacking cough, so he brought him home. I was admittedly disappointed because I really wanted to attend Abe’s lesson, but I ended up having a peaceful time at home with the two kids.

After church we rested some more, watched Planet Earth for FHE, and talked with Clark, Swathi, and Soren over Facetime. It was a nice Sunday.