Happy Halloween!

Both girls had fun Halloween parties at school, and after school we picked out pumpkins from a local apple farm.

Abe came home from work early to carve with the kids while I made dinner and my mom readied the house for our friends, the Harmons.

After they were done, the Harmons came over to join us for dinner and trick or treating. We love these people a lot, so their presence made us very happy. James, their two year old son, wore the most adorable garbage truck costume you ever saw.

In contrast, Ammon refused to wear his dino costume I hunted up from the basement. He shed each piece before we got to house humber three. Oh, well. At least we had James to charm the neighbors before costume-free Ammon followed up with his grab-ALL-the-candy act. He was very excited about the candy and pretty soon was grinning and yelling “FANK YOOUU!!” to the great open sky in between houses.

I took Clarissa home early and while Abe was trick or treating with Ammon, he made the mistake of opening the candy for Ammon to eat. After that, Ammon would grab each new piece of candy and present it to Abe with the demand, “Open.”

When everything was all over and Abe had to take Ammon to bed, Ammon starting screaming, crying, and clawing for his candy basket yelling, “Mo’ RED! Mo’ GWEEN! Mo’ PINK!!!” He didn’t know the names of the candies, so he called them by their color.

In sum, Ammon grasped the concept of Halloween this year and didn’t want it to end.