Dinner for my friend

On Tuesday most of the day revolved around grocery shopping and making dinner for a friend who had surgery because of an ectopic pregnancy. I made her one gruyere, soprasata and leek quiche and one apple, leek, and gorgonzola quiche. My friend was up and energetic when I dropped off the food, which I found astonishing because half of the blood in her body is currently not her own. She is amazing.

I let Lydia skip climbing. Okay, the truth is that I didn’t tell her we were skipping because she would have protested. I just didn’t take her and she didn’t notice. Phew.

We came home and I made pizza and brussel sprouts for dinner. I took it easy after that and focused on Clarissa, who had been neglected all day long. I put the kids in front of a movie while I bathed, nursed, and interacted with Clarissa. She really is so low maintenance, but after ignoring her the whole day, I just couldn’t do that any longer. She deserved my full attention.

Also, I have been under-utilizing the pictures I get from Lydia’s teacher. She takes pictures of Lydia all the time and posts it on the Bloomz app. I always forget to post them! Here is one from weeks ago. The eighth and ninth graders wrote their own myths and told them to the first and second graders. Each little kid got to listen to one big kid tell them a myth. Lydia really got into the myths and regaled us all at dinner with the myths her partner told her.