Funny Bunny “I-Cweam”

Today Mary hit one hundred on her Funny Bunny chart, and after school she suggested that we get ice cream to celebrate. The deal is she gets a field trip for every filled out chart, but since we can’t do that until Saturday, Mary thought ice cream would be an appropriate immediate celebration. The other kids concurred.

Ammon gets very excited about anything related to food and squawked out “I-Cweam!!” every time we got into the car after that. (He also dragged a chair over to the cookie jar today and discovered a bunch of candy that I didn’t even know was in there. I never use the cookie jar so I don’t understand how he knew it contained treats. He just has a special connection to beloved food items, I suppose.)

I also had a play date with my friend, Heather. Her daughter, Olivia, is literally the cutest girl I have ever laid eyes on. I love talking with Heather and bombarded her with questions. She works for and answers the hard questions that the Temple Square missionaries kick over to her. She was a joy to talk with.

Last night I pulled my groin AGAIN after taking a kicking, screaming, heavy Ammon out of the bath. The floor was wet and I slipped. My groin almost snapped in two! It really hurt. So today I rested a lot and limped when I wasn’t resting. Right now I am just sitting while typing and my groin is throbbing. I am so sad because I have been looking forward to doingĀ Insanity with Abe tomorrow because he gets home in a couple hours and we were planning on hitting our work-out hard in the morning. Maybe it will heal overnight???? I can hope, right???