Saturday clean-up

On Saturday Abe and I slept in, but the kids got up late so we still squeezed inĀ Insanity. I hadn’t worked out since re-pulling my groin, and we were both exhausted from the exertion for the rest of the day.

We mostly spent the day cleaning the house. I prepared my lesson for Sunday while looking for houses on Zillow. No matter how much we Marie Kondo the house, it always feels cluttered. That leads me to believe it is slightly small for seven people, and then I daydream on Zillow. I found the PERFECT house, but it was twice as expensive as our current house, and we just can’t afford it. Even if we could buy it, we’d probably walk around feeling broke all of the time, and that’s no fun either. I spent the rest of the day feeling slightly depressed.

Abe did an AMAZING job cleaning the house, though, so that helped.

Mary has been begging to put up our Christmas lights, so Abe obliged and put them up yesterday. Lydia spent a minute outside before declaring it was way too cold and hastily retreated to the house. Mary gleefully shivered her way through putting up the lights, and then she colored pictures of Santa, reindeer, and such and taped them to our front door. Instead of a wreath, pictures currently adorn our door.