A great Sabbath

On Sunday I taught a lesson about fellowshipping new members and less active members, and I learned so much from the comments of the class members. I loved hearing stories about how God ministered to them when they were the “lost sheep.”

Clarissa has needed more attention this weekend, so after church I nursed her a bunch and then made some minestrone and pumpkin cookies. Mary helped me make the pumpkin cookies.

After dinner Abe held a fabulous FHE. He taught a lesson on the Sabbath day, and he used our wagon of blocks to show the kids how we take out activities we normally do and replace them with worshipful activities on Sunday. He did a great job teaching.

Normally the kids are all in bed by 7:30, but yesterday they were wired. At 8pm they were all still awake. Perhaps the kids’ game of “lost at sea” made them hyper.

They are in a boat sailing to either Hawaii or Disneyland.

Then when the girls went into their room, Ammon built his own boat.