Dream Home

On Monday I drove past the dream home I found on Zillow, and then I texted Abe and asked if we could maybe make an appointment to walk through it with his dad sometime. Tom was so sweet and offered to come down in the evening.

The home was almost perfect. It didn’t have a great living solution for my mom and it was out of budget, but wow, did it have everything else down. On display in its office was a book that I have read and love, The Not So Big House. The book extolls the art of designing a house so that no space is wasted, and this house completely reflected that philosophy. I loved it so much.

I also died over the fact that next to the house was the sweetest mini-orchard and garden. I found out later that it doesn’t come with the house, but it was so over-the-top to have an orchard right there. Kitty corner from the house was an actual orchard, and, oh, it was beautiful.

But we can’t afford it, so I just content myself with dreaming about it all the time. It’s a nice place to go in my head when the clutter and dark color scheme in my house are driving me out of my mind.