The Museum of Natural History

After the terrible morning of Ammon’s escape, we went to the Natural History Museum to decompress. Truth be told, I was still keyed up, but the kids all had a great time.

There were lots of amazing displays, my favorite being one which debuted in Paris in 1867. It featured an Arab traveling on camel getting attacked by lions. I had never conceived of such a scenario, but after seeing the display, I can’t conceive how I never thoroughly thought through the danger of camel travel before. Of course lions would be a threat. The Arab looked how I felt during my run-in with the police.

Bea. She was my friend and so interested in Clarissa!

Mary was on the brink of tantrum the whole outing. She wanted Lydia to play with her, but Lydia was busy with her cousins. Finally we directed Lydia to play with Mary, and here she complied.

After the museum, we went to Five Guys. We tried to go to a local Pittsburgh restaurant, but it was packed. Five Guys had space for our large crowd.

In the evening Clark and Swathi were brave and put down tarp for a play-doh party. The kids all had a blast.

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