A funny exchange

Mary and Lydia were playing with stuffed animals in the evening. Lydia and Mary first called their game “doctor,” but then they figured out between them that the stuffed animals merited a change of game. They played “vet” instead, and here was their conversation:

Mary (Kitty): Can you help me? I’m going blind.

Lydia (Vet): What happened? Did you stare into a flashlight?

Mary (Kitty): No, I stared into the sun for two whole days. I got eye surgery and glasses, and it didn’t help.

Abe and I were amused at Lydia’s question, and we also thought it was cute that Mary worked her eye surgery and glasses into the game.

low key day

Today was a low key day. The kids are all getting sick, so I let them sleep in and we were fifteen minutes late to Lydia’s school. Considering the girls slept until twenty minutes before we were supposed to leave and that Ammon woke up five minutes before we actually left, I was happy with this.

For dinner I made spiralized zucchini with sausage and peppers. I hate sausage and have no idea why I conceived this dinner idea. I basically gagged my way through eating dinner, but Abe and the girls seemed to like it.

I took pictures of the girls’ art and journals today.  Here’s Mary’s gratitude journal:


Here’s Lydia’s journal:

This one made me chuckle. Lydia gets scared when I drive too fast and when her little sister screams in public.