Full Friday

On Friday we went to the Museum of Ancient Life in the morning. Ammon basically ran through it until he reached the play area. There he ate a lot of water and germy sand while playing with the toy dinos. It was so wonderful to have Clark there to chase Ammon. Clark noted that the first thing Ammon does in a new setting is look for an exit and make a bolt for it. Soren, on the other hand, sticks close to adults and comes wherever Clark tells him to come. Soren is a Llamzon/Namburi, and Ammon is a Darais, or at least has a LOT of Abe in him.

After the museum, we came home for naps before heading out again to Mary’s Christmas in the Village. It is an open house at her school. They had dinner, over two thousand gorgeous cookies, Santa, a craft, and caroling by the kids every thirty minutes.

After the open house, we headed home only to split up again. Two babysitters came while Lydia and I headed to her school concert, Abe and Mary went on a sushi making date with his Qualtrics friends, and my mom and Clark went to the movies to see Coco.

Lydia was absolutely gorgeous and did a wonderful job singing at her concert. Unfortunately, I had forgotten my phone and didn’t get any pictures. That was really disappointing, but I am hoping to get some from fellow parents and then amend this post. I love getting one-on-one time with Lydia, and I enjoyed every minute of watching her sing.

Abe and Mary had a great time at sushi. Mary gets a little shy around lots of grown-ups because everyone inevitably comments on how cute her glasses are. Afterward she told me that she wishes she didn’t have glasses because all of the comments about them make her feel shy. She also said people laughed at her. I explained that grown-ups laugh when children delight them, and I hope she understood.

My mom and Clark enjoyed Coco. Actually, it is now one of my mom’s most favorite movies ever, and so I think she really really enjoyed it.

It was a full Friday!