Lydia’s harp recital

On Saturday we had breakfast with Clark and Soren before they left to go home. We were so sad to see them go! It was such a wonderful visit, and I felt it was the first time I got to spend really quality time with Soren. We miss them, but we know they were happy to see Swathi again. Soren said, “I’m going to see my mom, but I’ll be back again soon, okay?” He was so cute.

After breakfast Abe instituted Saturday chores. The girls worked to clean their rooms and the basement while the rest of us worked on the other parts of the house. I folded some more laundry and put it away.

As soon as chores were done, Lydia practiced her harp until it was time to go to her recital. She tends to freeze up in recitals, so she played the piece perfectly many times at home as preparation for the sure-to-come brain freeze.

Then we headed over to Lydia’s recital. She did a wonderful job playing Silent Night and powered through her memory slips. I enjoy harp recitals. They are  beautiful and soothing, and everyone played Christmas pieces in this one. We felt very Christmasy.

After the recital, Mary practiced her piano until it was time for Abe to take Lydia and Mary to Coco. I stayed home and did laundry, which is honestly what I preferred to be doing. It felt so peaceful to have Ammon and Clarissa napping while I got on top of the laundry. Abe and the girls had a wonderful time, too.