Mary’s ovary needs surgery

Over Thanksgiving before Mary’s bath, Swathi noticed a slight bulge by Mary’s pubic bone. It was so slight that I had never noticed it, but Swathi was confident we should get it checked out.

On Thursday I took Mary to the doctor, and he recommended we have a surgeon look at the lump. The doctor thought it was a hernia, but it was behaving oddly so he wanted the surgeon’s recommendation.

Today the surgeon felt the lump and concluded that Mary’s ovary had slipped up into a hernia behind her pubic bone. He recommended surgery this Friday.

We are so, SO grateful to Swathi, without whom we would never have noticed this. Also, it’s Swathi’s birthday today. We are incredibly glad she’s alive and that we are the lucky family who gets to have her in it!!

Also, as an aside, Ammon destroyed the doctor’s office. We were cooped up in it for an hour, during which Ammon went bananas. The nurses kept bringing us snacks and toys, but when the doctor was actually talking to me, Ammon started tearing stuff off of the walls. The doctor commented that I had a troublemaker on my hands and the nurse whisked Ammon out because she feared he would injure himself. I was half crazed trying to control Ammon but make sure I heard everything the doctor was telling me about Mary. It was a crazy appointment.

Ammon eating a snack the nurses brought. Later in approximately two seconds pulled all of the papers out of their bins on the wall and scattered them all over the floor. I rushed over to try to pick them up and before I knew it even more paper was raining down. At that point, the nurse took Ammon to the hall.