Cookie project

On Wednesday we stayed up late because I was baking for Abe’s coworkers. Once the project started, I felt like I had to rush to finish before the cookies went stale.

Abe helping me Wednesday night.

My mom also came with us on a bunch of errands in the afternoon as I rushed to pick up last minute things for the cookies and their tins. I have never seen a longer line at Michael’s! It snaked around the store. Lydia was a doll and entertained Clarissa in the car with my mom and Ammon while Mary and I hunted for things. Mary was a perfect shopping companion. I had told her not to talk to me or ask for things because I had to focus and make decisions. Mary was almost completely silent the whole time and so sweet.

On the couch with my couch buddy. We have spent nine months of gestation and four and a half months of nursing on this couch. It’s starting to get a depression in our sitting spot.

On Wednesday morning Eli and Chloe came over and stayed until almost 2pm, when I left with my mom and the kids to run errands. I was really proud of myself for baking hundreds of cookies while taking care of and feeding six kids! (In reality, it was pretty easy because the television helped me out a lot.)