hard Friday

On Friday I baked five loaves of banana bread and two more batches of chocolate chip cookies for neighbor gifts.

I also tried to make a sweet dinner for Abe because he has had a horrible ending to his quarter. He will probably miss his quota and the promotion he was hoping for. It has been very hard on him, and so I tried to have the house nice and dinner made. To be honest, my mom ended up cleaning more than I did because it was a really hard day at home. Clarissa needed me a lot and so did Ammon. I was in a really bad mood by the time Abe came home, which was the exact opposite of what I had been hoping for. He was still glad to be starting Christmas break, but I don’t think in the end I helped much.

Lydia still lit the world today cuddling Clarissa. Both Lydia and Mary love holding Clarissa, and I will catch them entertaining her or cooing at her often throughout the day. I don’t know why I don’t snap more pictures of Mary with Clarissa, but I got two today of Lydia with Clarissa.

Clarissa appears worried to be the object of so much ardent affection.