Darais family Christmas

Tuesday morning brought this beautiful sight. Abe and I had finished Insanity, and Abe studied his scriptures with a sweet little cuddle buddy.

The girls had fun playing bunny and puppy all morning.

In the afternoon we headed to Sandy for the Darais family Christmas party. The Daraises are uniformly¬†gorgeous people, inside and out. We were asked to bring dessert, and I informed Abe in the car that it didn’t matter what we brought because I’ve been watching the Darais dessert table for years and it seems to me that no one ever touches it. Daraises are generally a very health conscious crowd. But we went to Dairy Queen and picked up an ice cream cake and…lo and behold, for the first time in my memory, people seemed to–sort of–eat dessert this year!

During the family program I watched Ammon chase Spencer Toone, his cousin once removed. I also had to keep Ammon from running off the gym stage. He would get behind the curtain and then charge forward with no idea where he was going. Without me in front he would have plummeted off the stage multiple times. It was crazy. Mary had fun playing with Sadie, another cousin once removed–and only a month younger than Mary! They were really cute together.

After we survived the chasing and gym stage stunts, we exchanged gifts with Tom and Suzanne. They gave the girls the cutest stuffed animals. Ammon really liked his toy too, and while he played with it I could relax for the first time all evening. When he stopped playing I took him straight to the car and strapped him down in his seat. He has me beat.

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