lively councils

On Sunday Abe held his first Elder’s Quorum council, and it went incredibly well. The Relief Society council was…lively. I actually enjoyed it a lot, but it definitely was not calm or quiet. There was, at one point, a debate on–of all things!–name tags. I am afraid I was a rather vocal advocate for the use of these, but there were several people adamantly opposed. At the end of the council, we had decided on one action item completely unrelated to name tags, and that was to pray in our visiting teaching companionships for the sisters we visit teach.

For FHE we tried to get the new Living Scriptures app working, but it wouldn’t load onto our TV. I am contemplating rearranging the downstairs so that the TV can be closer to the kitchen. During FHE Ammon attempted to scale a giant bookcase next to the TV. Abe immediately pulled him off and spanked him, which sent Ammon into hyperventilations and lots of exclamations of “SORRY!!”. We both cuddled Ammon immediately and explained that he just can’t climb furniture. Even though the bookcase anchored to the wall, I fear the anchor could come loose. So I am seriously considering a re-arrangement of the downstairs so that I can monitor him even while he’s watching a movie. Also we are seriously going to get the security cameras I ordered two months ago up this week.