Week catch up

I am actually very, very grateful for my amazing life that I don’t deserve at all, but this week I spent a lot of time in my “spot of despair” on the couch. When I am in my spot of despair, I am usually holding, nursing, and changing Clarissa, and the world seems to close in around me. I end up feeling glued to both my baby and the couch, and after a bit I feel incapable of doing much at all. It’s a yucky feeling. The lack of natural light really doesn’t help.

Anyway, I spent a lot of this week in my spot of despair and so am fine that I didn’t religiously blog every single day. It was, in the scheme of my blessed life, a perfectly forgettable week.

These first four pictures are of a get well card from Lydia. I was feeling sick after Ammon puked all night on Tuesday as well! I felt ill myself the whole next day, and Lydia made this sweet card complimenting my cuddles, cooking, and harp practices (this demonstrates her forgiving nature because that day we had two hours of awfulness at the harp), and her desire that I take medicine. (Note the picture of all the pills). She is such a sweet, sweet girl.