Living Scriptures App

While my mom was at the mall last week she purchased The Living Scriptures App. This is a huge blessing to our family! I loved watching scripture videos on Sundays growing up, and we enjoyed watching some together as family for FHE tonight.

My other favorite part of the evening was Face Timing with Grandma Forsythe, whom I love so much. She told me these family history related facts: She was born in Berlin June 2, 1941. She spent WWII in Eastern Germany. Her paternal grandma was from Poland  and her paternal grandfather from Prussia. Her maternal grandparents are German.

She has some of the most disturbing WWII stories and young childhood stories that I have almost ever heard. Some day I will record them here. 

I was so excited to learn about her Polish and Prussian ancestry though! I collect bloodline discoveries the way some people collect spoons (although do people really still collect spoons??? I can’t imagine this is still a thing, so I should have come up with a different analogy but am way too tired to find a better one).

Anyway, this is what I’ve “collected” for my children’s bloodlines: Filipino, Polynesian, Spanish, Chinese, Greek, Danish, Swedish, Scandinavian, German, English, Irish, Scottish, Jewish, Polish!, Prussian!, Native American, and, according to my DNA test, from some of the Caucuses and “baijan” countries. They also have ancestors who came to America on the Mayflower, so they are…early American? Is that a thing? I don’t know if it is, but I think it’s a neat fact.