dinner with the Blosils

Monday was MLK day and, sadly, we missed the opportunity to properly observe it. I resolved that this will be the last year that MLK passes without a family discussion on race relations, a book (picture and/or otherwise) on the subject, some form of media, and, possibly, a cake for Dr. King. Here’s to you, MLK Day 2019! In the meantime, I discovered¬†http://shouldertothewheel.org/ and have found it very helpful.

We spent MLK Day 2018 doing normal activities and in the evening we had dinner with the Blosils. Jenn Blosil¬†will be nannying our kids while we are in Mexico next week, so we had dinner with her and her family. I have long admired Jenn Blosil and followed her through her American Idol journey, and I also watch the new songs she posts. I love her voice! We are so lucky she was available the week we were gone, especially since she’s so busy with her music career these days.¬†

We always enjoy the Blosils, and my favorite are their stories of raising their eight kids, six of whom were boys. I find their stories extremely comforting, especially with Ammon at the stage he’s in. They can roll out anecdote after anecdote about children getting lost, children on top of the roof, children throwing potting soil everywhere, children getting lost again, children drawing with permanent marker on the walls the day after a $6000 paint job took place, children running naked around the neighborhood, children getting lost (again and again and again), and even accidentally rolling over a child with a car. All of their children not only survived but thrived, and Abe and I have been constantly impressed by how full of light each member of the Blosil family is. We love them and are so grateful ours get to spend so much time with Jenn next week!

I made bouillebaise for dinner. I should have taken a picture, but I will make it again because it is probably the most delicious thing that’s ever come out of my kitchen. I also made a triple chocolate mousse cake, and I had Abe immediately bring the leftovers to a neighbor because I am still dieting and really can’t hold out long against practically my favorite dessert.

happy Clarissa!