Jenn Blosil

On Thursday we flew home to see for ourselves how things had gone at home while we were away.

Jenn Blosil did an AMAZING job taking care of our kids. My mom called her Mary Poppins and told us she wished she could be Jenn’s roommate! Jenn was just delightful the whole week and did an incredible job stepping into the void we left. She even had nights when she had to wake up eight times a night and still function the next day, and somehow she did it. She even came down with strep midway through and still powered through the whole time. We are so grateful.

On Sunday Tom came down to help with church and everything before and after that. That was so helpful, especially since we can’t really hire babysitters on Sunday. On every other day, the Mugarian girls came to help between 3:30 and 8:30, and then on Tuesday and Thursday Karin also came down to help. She cheerfully informed the Mugarian girls that they were not accurately experiencing what real motherhood is like. Basically, there was a 1:1 ratio of adult to child for a big part of the time we were gone, and my mom reported that it felt kind of like a big party.

When Abe and I came home, we loved visiting with Jenn and my mom and hearing the blow-by-blow from the home front. Jenn is just amazing, and we are eternal fans.