Writing my congressmen

Today I called my senators and representative about this article I read while in Mexico. I just want to make sure my taxpayer dollars are not funding Afghani pedophiles.

Also, I wrote six emails to my senators and representative. I wrote three about the Afghan pedophiles who are illegally receiving US funding, and I wrote three about immigration. I told them I support the dreamers and DACA, that a wall is ridiculous, and that above all I want families to stay together. After listening to Hamilton for two days straight, I felt like I should take advantage of our awesome system of government and try to make my voice heard.

I was also just happy in general today. The girls both got good practices in and their homework done, and beside that, I found teeny pockets of time to re-read War and Peace. I’m going to make some serious progress now because Abe is at basketball. Good night!

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