Abe’s birthday party

Every year I try to make borsch for Abe’s birthday and host a party. Usually we have Morgan and Jessi over, and occasionally we have other people too. This year we had Morgan, Jessi, Todd, Ashley, Lesi, and everyone’s kids (except for Lesi’s, who was just flying through Salt Lake this weekend). It was a great time. My only complaint is that I always want more one on one time with Jessi and Ashley. Hopefully I will get to rectify that this week!

Vika and Clarissa play!
We forgot to get a picture of the borsch…but it went in the bowls.

Also, in other news, Abe went in to the dealership for maintenance today and emerged with a new van. Since Abe is in sales, I think he knew how to get a good deal. It ends up that it would have been more expensive to keep our old van than to lease this new one. Go figure. I haven’t even had time to check it out because I have been so occupied with Abe’s birthday party!

Also, Lydia brought my mom and Abe breakfast in bed. I was headed out the door to get groceries when I saw Lydia struggling to carry the tray and open the door to my mom’s room. I helped out by opening the door and snapped these sweet pictures:

Mary followed suit and brought trays of food up to Abe and my mom too. These girls are so sweet.

Clarissa was awake from midnight until 4am last night. I really hope the pattern doesn’t repeat itself tonight. Good night!