Play date with Heather and Olivia

I have moved Mary’s piano practice to the evening. It means we don’t practice as much, but it’s not as crazy because Abe can hold Clarissa and make sure Ammon isn’t playing with knives. With our mornings free for the first time in a year, I can have morning play dates now without feeling like I’m cheating Mary.

Monday morning we had a wonderful, wonderful play date with my friend, Heather Anderson, and her darling daughter, Olivia. I think I’ve written on this blog before that Olivia is one of the cutest kids I have ever seen in my whole life. She is so adorable.

Ammon and Olivia were in bed reading a book together and Heather and I ran for our phones. When we got back the moment had passed, but they are still cute!
pre-play date tower building.
Mary LOVES Clarissa, and she spends a lot of time kissing Clarissa (or her feet, in this case), playing with Clarissa, and talking to Clarissa.

In the evening I completely forgot Mary’s piano lesson. I felt so dumb. Maybe the amoxycillin is laced with a forgetfulness drug–I also forgot Lydia’s harp lesson last week. Ugh.