A full Sabbath

First off, Abe had to wake Clarissa up in time for church, and he took a really cute video of the process:

After church the kids and I made more savory hand pies. When I made them on Friday, I was in a rush and didn’t let them help. Today we had lots of time, so I let the kids help a lot. Most of the time Lydia and Ammon were playing together, so it was a Mary-Mommy date. Mary told me that her favorite thing about cooking was being together. [I feel so stunted without an emoji option in WordPress. I would put ten heart-eyes emojis right here if I could.]

Then for FHE we started off with the kids giving us a dance show:

Then Mary gave us FHE. She planned the whole evening herself. My mom took dictation for the questions she asked us, and my mom typed them out and helped create the puzzle, but Mary did everything else. She created a puzzle out of a picture of Jesus’ baptism, and on the back of each piece she glued a question she thought up. When we drew the puzzle pieces from the bag, we all had to answer the questions as a family. It was SUCH a thoughtful FHE.

Some questions Mary asked: “Why did God give us bodies?” “Why did Jesus die for us?” “Why did God create the earth?” “Why did God give us families?” “Why did God give us brothers and sisters?””Why did God give us a spirit?” “Why did God give us a house?” “Why did God give us food and clothes?”

And now we are waiting for the arrival of one of my favorite mission companions, Julie Grant, and her newest baby. They are in town for a funeral, and they’ll be staying with us until Wednesday. I can’t wait to see her!!

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