Ready for Bed

Mary has been teething and so she cried a lot last night.  Lily claims she wasn’t tired today (even though she did most of the getting up to help Mary last night), but I for one am pooped.  I had a little bit of a compressed day, and there were junctures where I didn’t really have time to eat or go to the bathroom, but( hooray!!!), I made it through! The rigor is very much aided by the fact that I enjoy every moment of what I do.

Lily had a very peaceful day.  She fed the girls, played piano, worked-out on the treadmill, read to the girls and had an overall rounded, fulfilling and peaceful day, even in-spite of Mary being a wreck because of her teething and major diaper-rash.  I think it started when I had to walk her home for an hour in her poopey diaper after dropping the car off at the shop……

Lily just back.  She said school was good and she learned how to de-bone a chicken.

For my part, I stopped by mom’s office to give her some flowers for mother’s day only to find that she needed a ride home because her car was in the shop.  I drove her home and we went inside so Lydia and Mary could play with their new heart-throbs, REAL LIVE ANIMALS.  They love them so much.  In fact, Lydia announced tonight that she likes dogs now, which is a HUGE shift because she is usually so terrified of them.  But Lucy, my mom’s dalmation-border collie mix is so old that it is impossible for her to scare anyone, even someone as dog-phobic as Lydia.  Mary and Lydia pursued casper, the white puffy cat insesantly, until finally Casper had enough and clawed Mary’s arm.  It wasn’t too bad, but Mary did cry.  I guess two cat-crazed toddlers was a little much for one cat to handle! My mom wanted to make us dinner, and it felt like a huge blessing because I was frankly exhausted.  She made Costco chicken from her toaster oven, peas, macaroni and cheese, and boiled potatoes.  Needless to say, the kids ate very well.

At home I exercised FINALLY with my Insanity DVD.  I then planned my week and well, blogged.  PICS!

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