Abe’s new glasses

Abe has been wearing broken glasses for nine months now. Karin generously bestowed Abe with new glasses for his birthday, and he is so excited to not stare through peeling lenses anymore!

IMG_1016He’s so handsome. Doesn’t he look great in his new glasses?

On the home front, we had a smooth day. I worked out at home and at the gym while Lydia was in ballet, and then we came home for lunch, math, and naps. Lydia actually napped curled up in my arms. Sleeping with my arms around my first baby was definitely the highlight of my day.

And then it was off to school. I successfully redid the dishes I messed up yesterday. Abe was supposed to bring the girls to the restaurant, but I accidentally brought the car seats to school with me. Oops! Thankfully, Karin and Jay still came, so I had someone to look forward to. It helps to have people I care about in the dining room. I enjoy the process so much more knowing that the food is going to land on loved ones’ plates.