magic show and dinner at the Harper’s

This morning we hustled to get piano done before leaving for the library story time. When we arrived home from story time, Eli, the neighbor boy, had set up a magic stand. He was selling tickets to his magic show for $1 per adult. Kids were free.

In fact, he trained all of the neighborhood kids as his assistants and paid them in quarters. Lydia and Mary proceeded to spend the rest of the day outside engaged in the magic show. Occasionally I would peak out and see Lydia holding a sign on the street corner soliciting customers for Eli’s show, and Mary was just running all around in frenzied excitement.


Later in the afternoon, I spent over an hour following Ammon around outside as he wandered everywhere. He knows how to ride a scooter! I held the handles to make sure he wouldn’t fall, but he knew exactly how to hold on and what to do with his feet. I don’t know where he learned this, but I was shocked.


In the evening Lexi babysat while we went to dinner with the Harpers. They were the most delightful hosts. The cheese enchiladas were outstanding, and they made orange-infused creme brulee for dessert. After dinner, we listened to selections from Joe’s record collection while playing the game, Pandemic. We lost and the world got destroyed by pandemics, but it was such a fun game!