Qualtrics playground

On Thursday morning we got everyone ready for the day. Abby took these pictures while babysitting:

We then dropped the girls off at summer camp before heading over to Qualtrics for two hours. Abby and I let the boys play there while I sat on the couch. Abby joined me and we enjoyed not having to do much while the boys had a blast.

Then we picked up the girls, dropped Abby and Soren off at the house, and took Lydia to robotics camp.

After that I came home, dropped Abby off at her house, and then came back to read to Mary and take a quick (five minute?) rest before picking up Eli and Lydia from camp.

Then I made corn-stuffed peppers and pasta with pesto for dinner. We sat outside for a long time before coming in for clean-up and the bedtime routine.