doctor visit summary

On Monday I spent hours upon hours setting up this new blog site, and then I think I felt burnt out for the rest of the week and did not blog. Oh, the irony.

In summation, this was a good week for all of the adults in our family. Abe had a great week at work, my mom, as usual, got a lot accomplished, and I continue to enjoy bed rest. The kids, on the other hand…struggled. Abe thinks that they are getting out of control because they are taking advantage of how nice all of their babysitters are, and they just tend to be more wild after running around the neighborhood with their friends for hours on end. I was really, really impatient and mean with Lydia this week, so I spent all of yesterday trying hard to be patient and kind.

My mom drove me to my OBYGYN appointment on Friday, and the doctor told me the following pieces of information.

  1. I need to listen to my body. If I feel pain, STOP. It just so happened I had overdone it on Friday morning trying to not waste one of our overgrown zucchinis by hacking it down so I could bake zucchini bread. By the time I was done baking, I was sweating and shaking and had to lie down for an hour. That was dumb.
  2. If I ever get pregnant again, he anticipates the pain I feel will be worse. (!!!!) I immediately informed him that this is not going to happen. Abe is getting a vasectomy for his birthday this year.  🙂
  3. I have only gained THREE POUNDS in the past seven weeks!!! Considering I gained fifteen while on vacation for the month of May, I was pretty thrilled with this. 
  4. I am getting induced on August 18!!! I have never been induced, and I am so excited. This means Abe only needs to take off one day for the birth because I can plan to have the baby on a Friday, and he can be back to work on Monday. So ideal! I have also been terrified that I would not get an epidural in time before I push. If what I have is a pelvic instead of groin issue, everything I’ve read says that the baby basically drops right out when it comes time to labor. I have no desire, no desire, to experience a baby coming out without the help of an epidural. Every pregnancy has been a nail-biter in the epidural department because of my weird vein condition. The nurses always spend over an hour trying to get the IV in, and by that time I usually have transitioned–or close to it. I have gotten really good at transitioning quietly because I am so desperate not to feel the pushing that I just want them to get the epidural in before that happens. If I am induced, surely this won’t be a problem. Also: I can plan ahead! I can get a pedicure, or a massage, a blow-out, or a facial as compensatory pre-birth prep. Heck, I could spend the whole day before at the spa. My first reaction to this thought is that it sounds extravagant. My second is: I AM GOING TO BE PUSHING A HUMAN BEING OUT OF MY BODY.  I KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE THAT THIS IS NOT PLEASANT. I can probably spend the day before at the spa.