Saturday in June, and thank-you, Grandma!

Pretty much a typical Saturday here. I went to cooking school in the morning and made up one of the classes I missed. I’m failing my Latin class because I’ve missed so many classes, so I think after today at least I will pass.

Then Abe and I recovered from the week while both girls took marathon naps. When everyone woke up, we headed to the pool.

After we came home, we ate dinner and then I did some errands while Abe put the girls to bed. I think we’re going to try to watch The Book Thief right now, so I’ll post the only two pictures we took today. Mom, remember how Lydia has always hated the sun in her eyes? I think one of her first sentences involved communicating to us that the sun was in her eyes while we were all on a walk on 12th avenue together. Anyway, she is very attached to her sunglasses because they solve this problem for her. This is before and after our swim:

lydia in glasses lydia in glasses2Oh, and I forgot to mention to Grandma how the girls love their pillows and blankets she made for them. Lydia loves her pillow and blankets so much that she won’t even allow us to put any other blanket or comforter on her bed. She has also dismissed her former pillow. Mary loves her blanket and pillow just as much. She moves around in her sleep, but she always seems to bring her pillow with her–her head is usually on it when she wakes up. They also play with the pillows and blankets during the day. Usually the pillows and blankets make it all around the house before ending up back upstairs on their beds. Thank-you, Grandma, for those gifts! They are very loved–just like you!!