resolution fizzle and a suckling pig

Lydia was sick today and Mary was an emotional train wreck after missing her big nap yesterday, so we stayed home all day. This morning I had grand resolutions to be the Best Mom Ever and patiently refereed fights and tantrums in between reading the girls books and playing games with them, but at about 10:30 am I petered out and stuck the girls in front of Veggie Tales. I spent the rest of the day in front of my Kindle reading Divergent. I would resolve to be the Best Mom Ever tomorrow, but I want to finish the book now. Maybe Wednesday?

School was great. I absolutely love my partner, Roni. She looks exactly like one of Raphael’s cherubs, and on the first day of class she endeared herself to my heart by whispering to me that the class was aggravating her issues with anxiety. I felt an immediate connection, and we have been exchanging secret, pained smiles ever since.

We made the turnip pear soup I practiced this weekend. The chefs enhanced it by instructing us to make rosemary bubbles, pear fluid gel, and charred pears. It is quite tasty.


Talking to Nana:

IMG_1058 IMG_1061

My chef showing us how to break down a suckling pig. I gave thanks to God that I was on soup. My classmates had to make disgusting things like headcheese and stuff from the “trotters,”, and the main course is absolutely revolting. They basically rolled up the side of the pig, stuffed it with yet more pig and cooked it sous vide.

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