a reprieve

This morning was the girls’ first gymnastics class at Little Gym. It is so fun that they get to have class together!
IMG_1033 IMG_1038Then Kim delighted me by proposing a lunch date. After I dropped Lydia off at preschool, I came home and had the best visit with Kim. That made my whole day. I kind of felt like God knew I needed to talk to a friend because of everything that is going on, and it was so lovely to talk with Kim.

Then we did errands. Mom, I finally went to the doctor’s office! We have been playing phone tag for two weeks, so I finally just went in person. I am taking the three hour diabetes test tomorrow between 8:55am and 11:55am.

After dinner, Chelsea called and invited us to the Rec Center with her. We countered with an invite to Bridal Veil Falls because I need to walk to get ready for my test. We had so much fun walking with her and her kids to the falls. Chelsea and her kids reminded me of mountain goats. They scrambled halfway up the waterfall!

IMG_2767 IMG_4896 (1) IMG_2771 IMG_2774 IMG_2772…And I forgot book club is tomorrow, so this evening while Abe was eating dinner I started our book. I need to make progress now, although I have high hopes that (if the girls are good) I can make great progress tomorrow during my test.