Day off

Yesterday night I made pretzels with the girls. I oversalted the dough and they came out tasting like play dough. Gross. But the girls liked making them, even if by the end I was growling at Lydia for whining so much. It was late and she whines a lot when she’s tired.

IMG_4842Today Abe had the day off of work. Yay! We got Summer to babysit Ammon while we took the girls to seeĀ The Good Dinosaur. We all loved the movie, but Mary thought the people in the movie were orangutans. She took off her 3D glasses near the end at got very confused about the plot line. Abe and I were blown away by the animation, and I was crying at the end. It was a great movie.

This evening Tom and Suzanne gave us tickets to go to the Provo Temple open house. We parked in the garage below, so we didn’t get one of those cool front-of-the-temple photos. I did get a picture of everyone waiting for the intro movie to start.

IMG_4843The kids were perfectly behaved and very reverent throughout our whole tour. Well, Mary kept saying she was “fursty” and needed water, but other than that they paid attention! It is a very beautiful temple.

After the temple we went to dinner at a mediocre Italian restaurant in Provo. We did appreciate the very speedy service, but the food was so-so.