visit with the Harbucks

Last night our dear friends, the Harbucks, arrived. We were so excited to have them stay with us for a night. The grown-ups stayed up until midnight visiting, and Dan and Preethi got some pizza from Slab Pizza for all of us to try. It was delightful to see them and visit.

In the morning, Lydia was so excited to meet their kids. She ran down to the kids’ room and invited herself into their playing. Afterward she exclaimed to me, “Mommy! The girl and boy are both the same. They play¬†so nicely¬†together.” And they do, too.

I feel sad I don’t have more pictures, but I am resolved to take more Saturday when we see the Harbucks again. I am particularly disappointed I didn’t get pictures of Toone and Kina. They are the most beautiful children you ever saw. Pictures coming soon.

I do have one picture of Lydia and Nat talking about dinosaurs. They were studying the incredible dinosaur book the Harbucks sent us in the fall.