Abe’s team campfire

Last night Abe had a team activity with his Qualtrics team. They had a campfire up in the mountains, and some members camped the night there. The ones with families, like Abe, only stayed until around midnight or so. He had the greatest time and said it was the best team activity he had ever had. He loves his team and felt so bonded after that experience.

This morning we got up early to say good-bye to Clark and Soren. We had a wonderful week with them, and we are already looking forward to the next time we get together.

I had a bad dream that the carrot cake we got yesterday spoiled without my ever tasting it, so I had some for breakfast while we visited with Clark before they left.

I spent most of the day recovering in bed. I read an absolutely wonderful novel, Gilead. It was very inspiring and, frankly, elevating.

Our friends Jan and Chelsea came by to visit in the afternoon. Jan brought us dinner and Chelsea brought us a lot of her twins’ hand-me-downs for Ammon. It was lovely to see them.

Abe caught the girls having a tea party after our afternoon nap.

After dinner, Abe and I rested until 9pm. When the kids came in from playing, we discovered that they had spent the evening going door-to-door with Eli trying to sell fortunes to the neighbors. Lydia cowered on the sidewalk in case any of the neighbors had dogs, and Mary did the talking. Mary denies this, but since Lydia has never lied to me and Mary lies to me regularly, I believe Lydia. I wish we could have been flies and watched them at work.