Double play date, roses, and midterm grades

This morning started off with a double play date. Abe’s high school friends, Jill and Katie, came over with their kids for a couple hours. I love everyone I’ve ever met who went to Abe’s high school, and Jill and Katie are so fun. I laughed a lot and enjoyed the whole time. I sneaked a couple pictures, too:

IMG_6585 IMG_6583 IMG_6586 IMG_6588In spite of what you saw in that picture of Mary, she was incredibly clingy today and basically screamed every time I tried to put her down. I thought we’d passed that phase, but I guess not. She did have a couple rare moments (like the one pictured) where she managed to get distracted by something, but most of the day she spent firmly planted on my hip.

And Abe sent me the most beautiful roses!

IMG_6589 IMG_6590And then I did a bunch of homework and headed to class. Tonight we worked on vegetables, and I made veggies tempura (again–this time without incident!) and glazed beets. I also got my midterm back. I got an 84%, which was disappointing. My mayonnaise brought me down, as did my Hollandaise. To my shock, my carrots got high scores. Everything else was kind of mediocre. Oh, well. I guess that means it’s good I’m in school because I have a long ways to go!

I won’t blog tomorrow because we are heading to St. George to see some friends and go camping. I don’t think the campsite has internet, so until Sunday around midnight, adieu and happy Valentine’s Day!