Ack! I didn’t take pictures today. I was too busy feeling nauseous and trying not to throw up. Honestly, I feel like the entire day revolved around trying to keep my stomach from lurching out of control.

I was feeling so awful, and I had no idea how I would survive cooking school. But it just so happened that tonight I worked front of the house, and it turns out that the chefs barely check on you at all when you’re doing that. I loved it. The only thing I’m not great at is balancing trays, but everything else felt really doable. I signed up to be front of the house for our final, so that means for the next three weeks I will hardly have to interact with the chefs at all (fingers crossed). I am thrilled.

Also, I didn’t throw up on anyone. I spent the day wondering if I would end up doing that, and it was such a relief to not live out that daymare. Mom, I know your prayers buoyed me up all evening.

Besides giving me three or four pep talks throughout the day and praying for me this evening, Abe also saved me in the middle of the day. I didn’t know how in the world I would have the energy to go grocery shopping, not to mention do our preschool carpool. Abe came straight home, took care of the carpool, and dropped me off at the store so I wouldn’t have to shop with kids. Thank goodness for Abe. Thank goodness for our proximity to his job; this would have been impossible if we still lived in Salt Lake.