I forgot to press “publish” yesterday.

…So here is yesterday’s post that I wrote before falling asleep at 9:45 pm. Guess I was tired.

I took the girls to the park today for a picnic. Five minutes after we got there Lydia peed in her pants. Oh, well. We still stayed and played anyway.

Then this evening i got to see my friend, Cierra. She is in town from London, where she and her husband have been living for almost three years. She is one of my most favorite people, and I felt so lucky to get to see her during her short time in the States. Abe watched the kids while we got sushi.

Now Mary is playing quietly in her room and I’m pretending not to notice. Abe can put her to bed when he comes home from the temple.

IMG_2591 IMG_20160304_012643