Grandma’s passing

My grandmother passed away on Sunday. I have been avoiding blogging because I don’t know what I could write that could do her life even a smidgeon of justice. I don’t feel like I have any words worthy of what she is and what she did for me. So until I figure out what I can write about her, I am just going to post pictures from the past two days.

I am not going to exercise restraint in posting variations of the same picture. Abe has been taking lots of great pictures in series, and I don’t have the brain power to choose which ones are the best.


IMG_5473 IMG_5499 IMG_5496 IMG_5524 IMG_5523 IMG_5520 IMG_5479 IMG_5493 IMG_5482 IMG_5483

On our way to eat dessert with the Blosils.
On our way to eat dessert with the Blosils.

Monday: As far as I can tell, I have no pictures. We had a harp lesson and spent a lot of the morning practicing for that. The lesson was a disaster and we still aren’t even on Twinkle.


We had a play date with some twins in the ward and had dinner at South Fork Park.

IMG_5558 IMG_5550 (1) IMG_5534 IMG_5547 IMG_5576 IMG_5579