Blogged in haste

I am manically trying to squeeze in some reading before Ammon wakes up…but I forgot to blog yesterday. Actually, my early bedtime hit before I could blog, so I put it off until this afternoon.

I thought I had no pictures to show from yesterday, but lo and behold, Lydia’s teachers posted a bunch on the FB group for her school. Hurrah.

Also, when I went to drop off Lydia’s registration papers at the central school, I fell in love with the neighborhood. I have to get Abe on board so we can have a goal to relocate in three years.

We had leftovers for dinner. I also baked five loaves of zucchini bread (from our overgrown zucchini) and spicy chocolate cookies. All I want is to eat more of those cookies, but I am restraining. I figure I will bake some right before leaving to pick up Lydia from school. That way the house will smell good when she returns.

These are the pictures I snagged from FB. They are doing a Native American unit and built totem poles in class.

14316899_10209376261997706_9092614239676796434_n (1) 14344835_10209376263077733_4956818366963290313_n 14364777_10209376262317714_2365742962683650240_n