First day of our schedule

We did it! We stuck to our schedule. I was literally running at times to keep us on track, but we did it, and it felt good.

We even managed to squeeze in a play date in the afternoon. We went to the Bean Museum with our neighbors, the Halls.

After FHE, I played the piano for a while to calm down. Lydia came downstairs and asked if she could climb into her harp cover and listen to me play again. She fell asleep listening to the music. I half wonder if she remembers (subconsciously) what it was like in the womb. In any case, we think this new habit of hers is unbelievably cute.

If I want to stick to my schedule tomorrow, this needs to be brief. I have some pictures from the museum below.

IMG_3935 IMG_3937 (1) IMG_3945