Mother’s Day

What I love about Mother’s Day: I LOVED Abe’s amazing breakfast (which included the best French toast I have ever had in my whole life), spending a lovely morning with Karin, Jay, and Jere, the cards from the girls, and reflecting on what a great mom and grandma I have been blessed with. Oh, and this song:

Abe and the girls were up until 10pm the night before having the time of their lives preparing for this performance. They had giggle fits for a solid hour, and afterward Abe told me he can’t remember having that much fun in…years? He’s pretty fun, so this practice was VERY fun for them.

What I did not love about Mother’s Day: I did not love the gender typing that went on in the Mother’s Day church talks, which I find depressing and unhelpful. It actually took me two days to recover from the self-flagellation these talks inspired, not to mention the FB rabbit hole which I should have wisely avoided. After church we all went to the Miners and had a good time, but I also sometimes get stressed at certain family gatherings because of past events (most of them my own fault). Between all of these things, by Monday I was a melty messĀ and Abe had to stay up until midnight scraping me off the floor with one of his incredible, revelatory, amazing, wise, loving, ever-kind pep talks. I could not get by without him.