A flurry of activity (at the end of the day)

We took it easy this morning, but we ended the day with a whirlwind of unpacking and organizing. The girls were up past 10 pm because my project was in their room. I have been meaning to get all of their toys and clothes completely unpacked for days, but Mary sleeps so much that I just can’t seem to get it done. (That’s my excuse, at least.) Tonight I got all of their boxes unpacked and sorted, and I am crossing my fingers that the late bedtime means the girls sleep in tomorrow.

Our new dining room chairs came! I need to take a picture, but they look kind of strange with the old dining room table. The chairs are perfect by themselves, though. Mom, you will like them. They are very light, comfy and have rubber feet so they won’t scratch the floors.

Here’s a picture of Abe and Lydia rolling up the rug so they can put the chairs in place. (At the time, we thought the boxes were full of the new dining room table, so we moved everything to get ready for that, and then we realized the boxes contained our chairs.)

IMG_0421And here’s one of Mary eating ice cream while we all slave away!