This is Abe, catching up for two days here.

Friday was a great day, both for Lily and myself.  At work, I had a few sales come through and Lily got to see the mother’s day program at Lydia’s preschool (Click here for video of Lydia singing).

After my work, Lily and I packed up, loaded the kids, and went to an over-night get-together in Heber with my team at work.  We had incredible steaks from a former restaurant manager and played games late into the night. Lydia and Mary had a great time with all the other kids running around.

Today (Saturday) has also been quite good.  Lily and I had a great breakfast in Heber with my team and we were home by around noon to do all of our shopping.  Once we were home, we mostly stayed inside because it was still raining (it has been raining on and off all week.)

While we stayed inside, we played together, ate amazing Paella (Lily was sad she burnt it, but it still tasted amazing), face-timed with Clark and Swathi and put stickers in our new National Parks Passports.

It was a cozy evening!


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