Back to work and school

Today was Abe’s first day back at work since before Christmas. Qualtrics shuts down between Christmas and New Year’s, and we got spoiled with him home. Ammon asked for Abe all morning long, saying, ” Dadadadadadada????” He was inconsolable when we handed him to a babysitter to visit with some neighbors this evening. My mom rescued him from tearful despair.

This was our first day of our new homeschooling semester. We started with an early morning harp practice, a super long devotional (at the girls’ request!), and educational games. I thought I would ease into the rigor and try to make things a little more fun today.

Mary threw tantrums at multiple points during the day. My mom again fixed the problem by playing a game solely with her and made sure to let her win. Abe often sighs that Mary is a disaster, and it’s kindofsortofINAMAJORWAY true. We literally don’t know what to do except ride this phase out.

Lydia is entering a very lovely phase and gives us hope for Mary. Lydia used to scream all day long for days on end, and right now she is mostly a delight. Maybe this can happen for Mary too???? Here are Valentine’s Lydia made for all of us just because she loves us: