late night chats

Normally Abe and I are pretty good about getting to bed early, but when Julie arrived I couldn’t help myself. We were up chatting until past midnight on Sunday, and then last night we stayed up until…2am. We were discussing religion, motherhood, and our kids. Julie and I were companions twice on the mission, and talking was such a joy that we couldn’t stop!

I wish Julie lived closer. Even though I’ve only met her kids a couple of times, I love them. I am especially over the moon about Caleb, who is just so adorable. It’s lucky I have Clarissa otherwise I might try to steal him!

So today was a pretty low key day. My mom left for Pittsburgh early in the morning, Julie and Caleb were out all day for her grandfather’s funeral, and I was kind of a zombie at home. I did keep the house clean, bus the kids to and fro, make sure my girls did all of their homework, oversee Lydia’s two hour harp practice and Mary’s one hour of piano. Now I have the choice to readĀ The New Yorker, The AtlanticĀ a novel, or…plan my lesson this Sunday. Shauna is coming to stay with us right after Julie leaves, so my windows of opportunity to plan this thing are limited.

I should probably be responsible and plan.

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