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Abe and the girls went out to dinner with Abe’s extended family at La Cuca tonight while I was at my internship.

I went swimming this morning, and we all took looong naps this afternoon.

Abe has been begging me to wake the girls up either earlier in the morning or up from their naps so that they actually go to bed at a reasonable hour, but it’s so hard for me to wake them up! So Mary took a five hour nap and Lydia took a two and a half hour nap. I took a nap and read some before going off to my internship.

The owner of the restaurant has kindly offered to hire me afterward, and I almost feel obligated to accept because this internship is sparing me so much school pain. However, today was physically hard at the internship. I spent the last couple hours repeating to myself “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” while I chopped hundreds of mushrooms, lots of squash, and a ton of apples.

At the beginning of my internship, things got a little hairy between the chef and the sous chef. I was supposed to be making the creme Anglaise for the pudding, and the chef told me to switch out my whisk for a spatula while I waited for it to thicken. The sous chef came over and said, “$%*# the spatula! Use the whisk.” And he proceeded to take the spatula out of my hand and replace it with a whisk. Five seconds later the chef came by and saw me stirring with a whisk again. Uh-oh. ┬áHe and the sous chef had a little spat (HA) that ended in them physically pulling each other’s utensils out of each other’s hands and getting splattered with boiling creme Anglaise. At that point, no one was stirring the creme Anglaise and it started to curdle. After we worked really hard to fix it, the chef said quietly, “Next time, just use the spatula.”

Um, okay. I just hope the sous chef isn’t around the next time they ask me to make the pudding.